Grant Database

The GrantVine Database allows members to search, locate and find out how to apply to grants and additional programs of interest.  GrantVine researchers are continuously looking for new resources to enter into our database, which currently holds over 11,000 programs.  Database programs are listed in 15 categories specific to individuals (including small businesses), and 1 category is dedicated solely to nonprofit organizations.  The GrantVine Database saves you time and effort, as programs we have located are organized neatly into one easy to use location.
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Database programs are organized into 16 categories; click on categories listed below to find out what type of assistance you may find in the GrantVine Database and how it may benefit you:

  1. Arts/Literature
  2. Business / Research
  3. Children & Youth (scholarships not included)
  4. Elderly/Aging/Seniors
  5. Emergency Assistance & Human Services
  6. Environment
  7. Farm/Agriculture
  8. Home Repair/ Weatherization/Accessibility
  9. Medical/Disability/Pharmaceutical
  10. Residential Home Purchase
  11. Residential Utilities/Energy Efficiency
  12. Scholarship/Education
  13. Technology
  14. Veteran and Active Duty Military Personnel


Assistance for individuals in the arts comes in many forms; financial, scholarships, tuition, competitions, awards, training, mentoring, emergency funds, fellowships, etc. Read more...

Business / Research:

Whether you are looking for assistance and grants for starting a business or grants to and assistance to expand an existing business, there are numerous programs you may be able to take advantage of to achieve your goals both financially and technically. Read more...

Children & Youth

Costs of raising a family are not small; childcare, medical, education, food, and clothing, are only some of the costs parents and caregivers incur. There is assistance to be had...are you taking advantage of all resources available to you and your family? Read more...


As you age it may be difficult to know where to turn for assistance. You may not be aware of it, but you, your family, and caregivers can access programs and assistance, even senior citizen grants! Read more...

Emergency Assistance & Human Services

Letís face it our current economy is not easy on us! Many people are; behind on mortgage payments, facing foreclosure, racking up debt just so they can pay bills, struggling with medical expenses, or just simply not making it day to day. So, where do you go for help? Read more...


Do you want your business to become more environmentally friendly or integrate "clean technology"? Maybe you are working on a preservation project researching the balance between technological advancements and environmental preservation? Or, maybe you are interested in making your home or business energy efficient or self-sustaining? Read more...


In order for farming and agriculture to thrive, local and regional markets need to grow, strengthen and promote small, local, organic and humanely raised food operations. There are several organizations that provide services to rural communities, local agencies, organizations, businesses and individuals in order to preserve America's rural areas and promote economic development. Read more...

Home Repair/ Weatherization/Accessibility:

When an unexpected home repair arises there may not be cash on hand to make the needed repairs. It may seem like there is nowhere to turn for help, but in reality, there are a lot of programs, including home improvement and home repair grants, you may not know about that may be able to assist you! Read more...


Medical fees are rising, are you struggling with costs? You could be eligible for medical bill assistance and additional support and not even know it! Read more...

Residential Home Purchase:

There may be programs available through your state, county, city and/or private organizations to help you purchase a home, including assistance for low income families and grants for first time home buyers and repeat homebuyers. Read more...

Residential Utilities/Energy Efficiency:

If you are having a difficult time paying your utility bills, assistance may be sought in the form of grants, bill payments, and home energy efficiency measures. Read more...


Times are tough. Families and individuals are having a harder time paying for education in our strained economy. At the same time educational institutions are increasing their rates and bank loans are becoming more difficult to obtain and costing more to pay back. Read more...


Programs to further technological innovation, development, implementation and conservation are available and may offer funding for research, equipment, lab development, technological advancements and/or installations, building campaigns and/or expansion projects. Read more...


Are you a Veteran, service member, military family, or just returning from deployment, and in need of additional services or aid to support yourself and/or your family? If this describes your situation, you may be eligible for programs you donít even know exist! Read more...


In addition to the grants and programs offered to the general population, there is often additional assistance available to women in the areas of education, counseling, new job skills and training, housing, emergency assistance, and obtaining financial stability. Read more...


In addition to the grants, scholarships and programs offered to the general population, there is often additional assistance available to minorities in the areas of education, counseling, new job skills and training, housing, emergency assistance, and obtaining financial stability. Read more...


In the current economic downturn financial need has increased while ďthe country's more than 76,000 grantmaking foundations gave an estimated $45.7 billion in 2010, virtually unchanged from 2009Ē (Foundation Center).Although financial need continues to grow, funding has remained the same, is your organization staying competitive and doing all it can to secure funds? Read more...
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GrantVine truly wants each member to connect with valuable resources and we want our members to be happy with our database and services. We think it is important for potential members to try out our service through a mock search available on our homepage.


As a member, you can search by Category and/or by Geographic area and/or by Key Word. This design allows the member to refine each search to return specific results, based on your current needs.

Opportunity match results will return the following data:


Good Husbandry Grants for Farmers - Grant - National

Grants given to farmers who seek to improve farm animal welfare.

Based on the above condensed data, you may choose to view additional information about the opportunity which will display on a new page. This information will include:
  • Type of program: ie. Grant, Assistance, Loan, etc.
  • Category from the list outlined above;
  • Source or who the grantor or offering agency is;
  • Title which is what the Source calls the opportunity;
  • Deadline for the opportunity, providing a specific date that the opportunity/competition closes or applications must be received by;
  • Deadline Notes offering more detail on specific deadline instructions;
  • Description summary
  • Range describing the amount or value of the opportunity or the benefit of the opportunity;
  • Eligibility Requirements Summary detailing who is deemed eligible by the Source;
  • State, County and City Eligibility defining a specific geographic region for the opportunity;
  • Website Link directly to the opportunity posting and/or the Address for the Source; and
  • Contact address.