Non-Profit Organization Grants

In the current economic downturn financial need has increased while “the country's more than 76,000 grantmaking foundations gave an estimated $45.7 billion in 2010, virtually unchanged from 2009” (Foundation Center). Although financial need continues to grow, funding has remained the same, is your organization staying competitive and doing all it can to secure funds?

In our effort to help, GrantVine has created a category for non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations are vital to our nation’s growth and humanity as individuals and communities are impacted daily through charitable giving and human services. GrantVine strives to assist as many individuals as possible; the Non-profit category does not only aid the organization seeking funds but also individuals and communities who are beneficiaries of the organization’s aid. Examples of areas of giving you will find for non-profit organizations in the GrantVine Database include: animal welfare, arts, economic development, education, health, human rights, human services and public affairs. Grants in the database are state specific or national or international in scope; you are able to search by category, location and keyword.

Whether you are seeking grants for your organization or for grants and assistance for those you serve, you will find GrantVine’s Grant Search Engine and Database makes it very simple to find what you are looking for; having resources all in one location will help you achieve your goals and save you hours of tedious research! And because data integrity is very important to GrantVine the database is continuously being updated and added to.
Finding and receiving funds is competitive so why not increase your resources; search GrantVine’s Database today and start benefiting your organization and those it serves

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