Medical/Disability/Pharmaceutical Grants

Let's face it, medical coverage is not what it used to be. As insurance agencies raise their prices, employers are asking their employees to contribute more to costs. And, if you have private insurance, prices keep going up while coverage goes down. Your health coverage is a big decision which can be extremely costly and worrisome depending on your age, medical condition, family size, income level, etc. Thankfully there are several organizations that are helping individuals and families with medical costs; see below for an example of an up to $5,000 medical grant, just one of the 1000’s of programs to aid individuals listed in the GrantVine database!

Where do you turn for help; the government, friends and family members, private funds, reduce your coverage, or discontinue your coverage? In times such as these, one must explore all options of assistance; medical bill assistance, pharmaceutical support, grants for disabled people, etc . Medical bill assistance and pharmaceutical support may be obtained through government and private organizations and may be in the form of goods, services or may be monetary. Many states also offer prescription drug cards, free to any resident, which may reduce prescription costs by as much as 75%. Support may be available to uninsured, underinsured and insured patients, including Medicare Part D beneficiaries.

Medical bill assistance pharmaceutical support, and grants for disabled people, however, are not the only types of medical assistance available; emergency care, outpatient/inpatient, doctor visits, hospital services, vaccines and immunizations, ambulance, therapy, hospice, mental health, dental, home health, chiropractic care, nursing, and medical equipment, among other things, are also available. As well, a wide variety of services and programs are also available to support individuals by providing education, counseling, alcohol/drug treatment, crisis assistance, teen pregnancy prevention, violence prevention, senior outreach, foster care, home care, and much more.

All individuals may be eligible for some type of medical assistance, however, families with children, seniors, veterans, and the disabled may be eligible for additional assistance. For example, families of children with autism or other cognitive learning disabilities may seek aid with assistive technology, treatments, supplements and therapy services. Seniors may be eligible for medical bill assistance as well as personal care, meals and nutrition, transportation and much more! Grants for disabled people and veterans grants may be sought for things such as supportive services, home modifications and medical supplies.

GrantVine’s team of researchers has compiled 1000’s of programs available from every state, as well as nationally, into one easy to use grant database. Times are tough; why not take advantage of every possible opportunity. Find out what assistance you may be eligible for!